Symposium Founding Chair
Symposium Chair
Symposium Chair
Symposium Chair

T. Hikmet Karakoç
Director of Research and Application Center of Civil Aviation, Eskişehir Technical University

Nadir Yılmaz
Chair of the Department of
Mechanical Engineering
Howard University, USA

Utku Kale
President of SARES Hungary, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary

Gökçin Çınar

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering University of Michigan, USA

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Symposium on Electric Aviation and Autonomous Systems (ISEAS)* which will be held in corporation with AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and EATS (Electric Aircraft Technologies Symposium) between 29 July and 2 August 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


In this joint aviation form**, in addition to the Keynote/Invited/Technical Sessions on various topics, a set of Panel Sessions will be organized by SARES/EATS/AIAA, including “Sustainable Aviation Panel “.


Aviation is considered to be one of the major sources of environmental problems and a prominent cause for sustainability. Future trends in aviation could be a major obstacle to sustainable development in economic, social and environmental terms. Sustainable aviation is a long-term strategy that aims to provide innovative solutions to the challenges facing the aviation industry.

As we are in an era of continuous progress in aviation, we would like to invite researchers, scientists, engineers, practitioners, policy makers and students to this international symposium and course to exchange information, present new technologies and developments, and discuss future directions, strategies and priorities in the field of sustainability.

ISEAS aims to cover a broad range of electrification of aircraft, including all-electric aircraft, power generation, storage in aircraft, and sustainablity, etc.

Reasons You Should Attend the AIAA Aviation Forum:

– AIAA AVIATION Forum is the only aviation event that covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology.

– Over 1,000 technical presentations on the latest innovations spanning 20+ aviation and aeronautics research topics will be available.

– The speakers and panelists participating in the plenary and Forum 360 sessions are proven business leaders and innovators. They are thought leaders with their fingers on the pulse of the aviation industry.
Make Connections & Expand Your Perspective

– The forum will bring together nearly 5,000 participants from across the globe in a setting representing hundreds of government, academic, and private institutions.

As SARES/EATS/AIAA, we look forward to welcoming you to this remarkable event in July 2024.

Best wishes,

T. Hikmet Karakoç (Symposium Founding Chair),
Utku Kale (Symposium Chair),
Gökçin Çınar (Symposium Chair).